Writen by Rory
    Produced by Rory
    • Guitar: Rory
    • Drum programming: Rory
    • Additional bass: Erik Rademakers
    • Keys: Rory
    Mixed by Erik Rademakers
    Mastered by Peter Brussee @Qpoint
    Human Nature      



    The making of





    Rory is a guitarist, composer and producer with many years of studio and stage experience.

    Music is in his blood. From the age of three he went with his father to performances and music fairs. At the age of 10 Rory started playing the guitar, at the age of 13 he won the Sena Guitar Awards and at the age of 16 he started recording his first instrumental guitar album.

    Music has always been his passion from an early age. If you asked him what he wanted to be, his answer was "professional musician". After primary school he went to the preparatory course of Codarts (University of the Arts in Rotterdam) where he studied music theory as well as guitar.

    After the preparatory course at Codarts followed a year with various projects and Rory learned to integrate music into computer games. After that year he then began studying at the Rotterdam Conservatory (Codarts) department of popular music. During the course, Rory's network grew and he was increasingly asked for studio sessions and performances by famous artists. Rory can be heard on, among others: Mr Probz, Yes R, Jennie Lena, Xander de Buisonje en Rigby. Toured various theaters with, among others, Jeroen van der Boom, Berget Lewis and Jennie Lena and plays in major productions such as Ladies of Soul and Whitney Tribute by Glennis Grace.

    Some highlights

  • 2007 – Releasing the instrumental album Musical Journey. followed by a performance at the MidPoint festival in Cincinnati (USA).
  • 2013 – 6 times Platinum for his guitar work on the mega hit single "Waves" by Mr Probz
  • 2017 - Gold record for his contribution on the album “We Got This” by Og3ne
  • 2017 - Gold record for the music, arrangement and guitar playing of the Eurovision Song Contest song “Lights and Shadows” by Og3ne.
  • Producer/Songwriter

    In addition to being a musician, Rory is also a producer / songwriter. Not only does he produce his own music, he also produces other artists and projects. During projects he is assisted by a number of renowned musicians. Rory produced the music tapes for the X-Factor NL 2013 and the musical run for the theater show “Old School R&B” by John Williams, among other things. He wrote music for names such as Candy Dulfer, Trijntje Oosterhuis and OG3NE. For the latter he also wrote the music for the song “Lights and Shadows” with which they represented the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.


    Currently, Rory wants to focus primarily on making and releasing his own music. Instrumental guitar music, but also collaborations with other artists and singers are planned.

    “The great thing is that I can now bundle all the experience I have gained as a guitarist AND producer into my own songs. Ik vind het heerlijk om verschillende muziekstijlen te combineren. Rock, pop, dance, jazz, soul, country.. Ik gebruik het allemaal. And the great thing is: nobody keeps me from making it!"

    With this open-mindedness, Rory wants to share his boundless passion for music and guitar with the world.

    Timeline photos

    Rory at the music fair Music and Harmony 1992

    Final Sena Guitar Awards 2003

    Ladies of Soul 2017


    Glennis Grace - Whitney tribute

    * Rory de Kievit - Guitar on all tracks (Acoustic & Electric)
    © 2018 DEMP Music
    OG3NE - Lights and Shadows

    * Rory de Kievit - Music Arrangement and Guitar
    © 2017 BMG

    Jennie Lena - Acoustic Sessions

    * Rory de Kievit - Guitar on all tracks
    © 2016 Eigen Beheer
    Ladies of Soul - Live at the Ziggodome 2016

    * Rory de Kievit - Guitar on all tracks (Acoustic & Electric)
    © 2016 DEMP Music
    Ladies of Soul - Live at the Ziggodome 2014

    * Rory de Kievit - Guitar on all tracks (Acoustic & Electric)
    © 2014 DEMP Music
    Mr PROBZ - Waves (Single)

    * Rory de Kievit - Guitar
    © 2013 Left Lane
    XANDER DE BUISONJE - Xander in Concert

    * Rory de Kievit - Guitar on all tracks
    © 2012 Bizon Music BV
    YES-R - Fashion

    * Rory de Kievit - Guitar on Fashion, All about the fashion, Zusjes, Bloedend hart, Ik ben de shit, Tel ik nog mee
    © 2012 Cloud 9
    Ladies of Soul - Live at the Ziggodome 2018

    * Rory de Kievit - Guitar on all tracks (Acoustic & Electric)
    © 2018 DEMP Music
    Ladies of Soul - Live at the Ziggodome 2017

    * Rory de Kievit - Guitar on all tracks (Acoustic & Electric)
    © 2017 DEMP Music
    OG3NE - We got this

    * Rory de Kievit - music written of "All over again", "Satellite" and "Outta my Head"
    © 2016 BMG
    Ladies of Soul - Live at the Ziggodome 2015

    * Rory de Kievit - Guitar on all tracks (Acoustic & Electric)
    © 2015 DEMP Music
    Mr PROBZ - The Treatment

    * Rory de Kievit - Guitar on Do it All Again & Waves
    © 2013 Left Lane
    RIGBY - Island on Mainland

    * Rory de Kievit - Guitar on all tracks (Acoustic & Electric)
    © 2013 FAM Records
    VARIOUS ARTISTS - Acoustic Dance Sessions

    ** Rory de Kievit - Guitar on Firework
    © 2012 Various Tunes
    RORYMI - Musical Journey

    * Rory de Kievit - Guitar on all tracks (Acoustic & Electric)
    © 2007 Larock Records


    Rory 2019 | Human Nature
    WHITNEY, a tribute by Glennis Grace 2018 | I Have Nothing
    Ladies of Soul 2018 | Get Down On It - JT Taylor
    Dit ben ik 2.0 2018 | Piano Man - Jeroen van der Boom
    Ladies of Soul 2017 | Beat It/Roxanne - Trijntje Oosterhuis
    Ladies of Soul 2014 | Lily Was Here - Candy Dulfer
    Top of the Pops 2014 - BBC One | Waves - Mr Probz
    Kristels kampvuur 2013 - Q Music | Change will come - Alain Clark



    At the end of 2012, Rory was asked to record a number of guitar tracks for Mr Probz's album “The Treatment”. He played the tracks for the songs "Do it all again" and "Waves". The single "Waves" was released in 2013. It became a mega hit and the guitar lick of Rory is immediately recognized by everyone in the world. The song was awarded 6 times platinum in the Netherlands.

    Because Rory is increasingly being asked to contribute to albums or singles, either for playing guitar tracks, or by writing the music (or both), Rory decided in 2016 to ask Copyright Power to support him so he can focus primarily on making and releasing his own music.
    Thanks to his contribution to the two songs "Lights and Shadows" and "We Got This" by OG3NE in combination with the support of Copyright Power, Rory received two golden records. The golden records are a motivation to continue, as Rory indicates.

    Waves - 2013
    Lights and Shadows - 2017
    We Got This - 2017

    Van Brogh

    Rory and some of his closest friends play in various renowned bands such as Candy Dulfer, Waylon, or touring with famous artists such as Jeroen van der Boom and Xander de Buisonje. Because they see each other privately and play demo material together, the idea arose to join forces and form a band that can accompany various artists during events. No sooner said than done and Van Brogh is a fact.

    Van-Brogh is a cover band formed by four musical friends who shared the stage with big names in music. The passion for music and the enthusiasm with which they play guarantees an unforgettable evening for the public.
    The band basically consist of:

  • Musical leader Sjoerd de Vries – Keys
  • Rory de Kievit – Guitar
  • Erik Rademakers – Bass
  • Nicky Loman – Drums
  • Depending on the event, the band is expanded with 2 female singers, a saxophonist, trumpet player and trombone player.


    After winning the Sena Guitar Awards in 2003, he was given the opportunity to record an album with his own instrumental songs. In the meantime, Rory followed the Codarts preparatory course and wrote the album in his spare time. Halfway through 2006, Rory went into the studio with a number of musical friends he had met during the Codarts preparatory course. In 2007, at the age of 16, Rory released the album entitled "Musical Journey".
    For those interested in the music he made at a young age, the album is still available.

    Album Musical Journey


    01 - Sunrise (1:51)
    02 - Downsream (3:43)
    03 - Musical Journey (5:14)
    04 - Jungeritar (4:31)
    05 - Up & Go (3:45)
    06 - Peace, War & Happiness (5:25)
    07 - Between 2 Worlds (5:22)
    08 - Colourful Sunset (3:42)
    09 - Nightflight (6:05)
    10 - Colourful Sunset (vocal) (4:14)